Radios continue to be an effective source of information at a time when the world is digitally connected. Whether it’s learning about a vital event in society, jamming out latest hits, listening to familiar songs, or getting important information during a calamity, a radio keeps you connected around the clock. With the new technological advances and developments over the last few years, the features available in these devices have improved. There are many radios to choose from on the market. To help you make the right decision, here is a guide about the types of radios you need.

ATS-909X2 – Travel Radio

As a traveler, you need a radio to keep your sanity and know what’s going on around the world. The SANGEAN ATS-909X2 is a professional device ideal for international travel. The shortwave radio can be received hundreds of miles from the transmitter. In addition to that, the transmissions can cross mountains and oceans, thus perfect for reaching places without a radio network.

Don’t worry about your favorite stations, as this device comes with 1674 radio presets. It features five tuning methods: manual tuning, auto scan, direct frequency tuning, rotary tuning, and memory recall. The auto-tuning system (ATS) on LW/MW/SW/FM lets you scan the receiver frequency band for signals. The best feature of the ATS-909X2 is a larger LCD screen with an adjustable LED backlight. It allows you to see important information like battery status and current station and help you to navigate different controls.

The built-in 3” speaker allows you to listen to audio effectively. You can also use the 3.5mm headphone jack and earbuds. Besides that, the smart battery charger can detect the health of each battery. You can find ATS-909X2 on the American, European and Taiwanese markets.

WFR-32 – Internet Radio

WFR-32 serves a double purpose. It is functional and can make a great decoration for the room. It has a wooden cabinet design making it an ideal piece for decoration. You can include it in your home office, kitchen, bedroom, or any other space.

The most iconic feature of WFR-32 is the internet; you can enjoy your favorite internet radio stations around the world. Additionally, the device comes with the latest features, including Bluetooth, DAB, and FM. WFR-32 has built-in streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster, and other platforms. You can control these streaming services using UNDOK App on a smartphone or tablet.

The LCD display with an adjustable backlight makes it easy to read. Can you imagine saving time and doing more in the same amount of time? This SANGEAN piece allows you to have full control of your radio. It comes with an infrared remote control to operate the digital piece in any circumstance. Also, the station auto-scanning feature will help you do less. With 250 iRadio station presets, you can listen to the most updated information happening around you. The WFR-32 comes in two versions designed for the American and European markets. WFR-32 is available on American, European markets, please refer to WFR-28C for the Taiwanese market.


MMR Series - Emergency Radio

The world is becoming more vulnerable to natural disasters. MMR Series is a public alert certified weather radio that ensures you stay updated. Whether you are going on a trip, camping with friends, or traveling to remote areas, the device features all the 7 NOAA weather reports stations.

The most noticeable feature of this radio is it can be powered by solar, hand crack, DC-In (USB Type, and rechargeable lithium battery. Moreover, this rechargeable emergency alert radio has a DC-Out for charging smaller devices.

It features an LED flashlight with 5-different lighting modes ready for any situation. They include an emergency light and Red light flashlight for nighttime. On top of that, it has an IPX55 built for harsh conditions like water and dust. Lastly, this hand-held piece has other convenient features like a battery level indicator, a charging level indicator, and an adjustable backlight time.

SANGEAN is upgrading the MMR-99 to use the Type C cable. MMR Series is available in the American market as MMR-88, European market as MMR-99DAB, and Taiwanese market as MMR-99. Note that radio features may differ slightly depending on your region.


U Series - Utility Radio

Music helps to engage the neocortex of your brain. Even though a party is not complete without music, the last thing you want to play is some random tunes. The U series has a perfect design for outdoor activities such as outdoor parties and BBQs. Besides that, it features built-in Bluetooth wireless with an indicator you can stream your favorite tunes.

Sometimes parties can be messy. Therefore, you need a device that can withstand any condition. SANGEAN has built this piece with a high-quality protective roll cage, making it shock resistant. It is also IP65 certified to resist water and dust. You won’t be running in the house in the middle of the session when your battery is low since the U series has a DC Out for charging a mobile phone or MP3 player.

Other amazing features are an LCD display with a backlight, auto scan stations, adjustable snooze, nap, and sleep functions, two-alarm timers, and a built-in smart battery charger. U Series is designed for EU and American markets. The U4 is best for the American market, while the U5 DBT is for the EU market. Although most of the features are identical, there might be a slight difference due to market regulations.

SANGEAN U3 at the beach


One thing that cannot be compromised is the features of a device. For this reason, when selecting the right radio, you need to consider things like audio quality, connectivity, user experience, build quality, worker safety issues, etc. That said, you need to buy from a vendor who has a proven track record in delivering critical communication solutions. The radios mentioned above come with unique features, specifications, and designs. If you are looking for quality radios, SANGEAN is a reputable brand with various options. The leading manufacturer has 50 years of experience and offers products that meet international standards. If you have any queries, contact SANGEAN.