Terms of Service Content

Use of Personal Information

Personal information, consumption and transaction data collected by SANGEAN, or any other personal data that you agreed to and provided to SANGEAN in the future, are all only for SANGEAN to process and use internally, processed and used in accordance to the purpose of collecting the data, or necessary to complete provided service or perform contractual obligations, or in accordance with the command or requirement of related laws and regulations or competent authorities (including but not limited to courts or the Taiwan Clearing House), otherwise, SANGEAN will not provide personal information that can identify user’s identity to third-parties (including domestic and overseas), or use for purposes other than what they were collected for. 

SANGEAN will continue to keep, process and utilize related data. In the scope of the collection purpose described above, this store will provide the personal data collected to its partners (including home delivery operators and others) to assist in the completion or termination of transactions. If credit card was selected as the method of payment, the credit card can only be used by the card holder, and the issuing bank, acquiring bank and card holder will be notified of this transaction data to confirm whether it is true, and the payment process will only be completed after verification.


Purpose and types of personal data collection

In order to provide e-commerce services, after-sale services, fulfill statutory or contractual obligations, protect the subject and the rights and interests of stakeholders, marketing, customer management and services, and to operate in accordance with the business registration items or the businesses set in the articles of organizations, SANGEAN might collect your name, contact method (including but not limited to phone number, E-mail and address, etc.), information required to complete collection or payment, IP address, and other personal data that can directly or indirectly identify the identity of the user. 

In addition, in order to improve the quality of service, SANGEAN will record data including the IP address of the user, and the user’s browsing activities on SANGEAN’s related websites (such as software and hardware used by users and webpages clicked by users, etc.) according to the nature of the service provided. However, these data are only for traffic analysis and network behavior surveys in order to improve the service quality of SANGEAN’s related websites; SANGEAN will not contact specific individuals.