You’re sitting on the couch reading a book, and you want some background noise, or you’re throwing a party and enjoying snacks with your closest friends but need something more to really set the mood. There are still so many uses for radio that get forgotten. Even with the accessibility of music streaming applications, the variety that radio has to offer is unmatched. 

The ability to listen to music whenever and wherever you are is truly a luxury. But did you know that there are ways that you can enhance your radio listening experience? Most people are unaware of forms of radio that can elevate access to music, even one that is exclusive to those who live in the United States. 

What is HD Radio Technology? 

HD Radio is a technology that has the potential to expand traditional radio beyond the limits of conventional radio signals. In simple terms, it digitalizes radio and brings radio fully into the 21st century. Instead of using Spotify stations on shuffle, you can let the expert DJs do the work while having access to crystal-clear HD sound from the radio. 

You no longer need to deal with static sound or interruptions brought on by the age of radio transmitters. With HD Radio Technology, you can access your favorite radio stations with HD sounds and even the ability to temporarily pause the streaming up to 15 minutes. You can also access additional contents from these stations on extra channels known as HD2, 3, 4, and the upcoming 5.

While the clear sound is one of the main draws to HD Radio Technology, it may come as a surprise that HD does not stand for ‘High Definition,’ according to How Stuff Works. Instead, HD is actually associated with the trademark for HD RadioTM which was created by its inventors!

What’s the Catch? 

The only issue with HD Radio receivers is that not everyone can have access to it! Unfortunately, HD Radio broadcasting is only available in the United States region, so only consumers in this region can use HD Radio products as intended.

Why Should Customers Have HD Radio Receivers? 

HD Radio receiver has superior sound quality over analog radio. Simply put, the enhanced stable signal makes your listening experience more enjoyable. While analog radio is certainly better than prior technology, there are more benefits to HD Radio receivers that you will never be able to access through analog. By design, HD Radio system has better sound, more stations, and more options to bring the best of radio. Also, it shows extra information from radio starts like song, artist, and album name to be displayed.

Better quality of sound

When you access an HD station, you immediately notice a difference between FM and AM radio. The sound is fuller and more robust, sounding like the quality of CD players or online streaming of songs and radio talk shows. There is no fuzziness, no static, and no interruptions that you find from typical radio because HD takes the broadcast right from the source.

More radio stations to access

We mentioned that you can access additional content from existing radio stations through HD Radio receivers. This works by allowing you to access the same channel's content on different HD channels. With these options, you can listen to a station like 94.7 through HD1, HD2, HD3, and even HD4. The same content that 94.7 delivers will be on these other channels, offering other great songs from your favorite radio DJs and personalities.

How to Access HD Radio Broadcasting?

If you want to access HD Radio broadcasting, you have to be in the United States region and have an HD Radio product. Choosing one of the HD Radio receivers from radio brand SANGEAN should make your goal of adding an HD Radio unit to your home easier. Let’s review some of the best HD Radio products from SANGEAN’s wide range of radios!

sangean HDT-20

HDR-14 HD RadioTM/AM/FM-RBDS Radio

This small, portable radio comes with HD capability and allows you to listen to HD stations wherever you want. You can add sound to your picnic date in the park or even play some music while you’re out camping with your family. With high-quality speaker sound and its small size, all of the benefits of the HDR-14 are clear to see. 

HDR-18 HD RadioTM/AM/FM Wooden Radio

The HDR-18 from SANGEAN is a stylish tabletop wooden radio that adds to your home decor while allowing you to access the many stations available from HD. With a silver body and a gorgeous walnut top, your guests will not only be asking you how you can access so many radio stations but where you got your radio from. You can even pick your own music through the aux input feature!

HDT-20 HD RadioTM/AM/FM Stereo Tuner

This product from SANGEAN is a soundbar stereo tuner and offers some of the highest quality sounds from the SANGEAN brand. With modern design and capable power, the HDT-20 is the perfect pick for those who want to host impromptu dance parties in their living rooms or set the soundtrack to their daily life from the touch of a remote control. The HDT-20 is the perfect choice to use with a full, immersive sound system for surround sound and extra bass. 

HDR-19 HD RadioTM/AM/FM-RDS/Bluetooth Wooden Cabinet Radio

Finally, last on our list is this tabletop radio from SANGEAN that fits perfectly on a bedside table in your bedroom. There are 40 presets available on this radio, allowing for you to pick your favorite HD Radio stations. Also, you can set your alarms and use the HDR-19 as a bedside alarm clock in addition to your naptime soundtrack. Like other SANGEAN radios, you can plug your own devices in to select songs you want to play.


With the help of an HD Radio receiver, you can add radio into your daily life from the comfort of your home or wherever you want to take entertainment with you. Improved sound quality, access to more radio stations, and access to important song information give you more than enough reason to add an HD Radio receiver to take care of your music needs. 

If you are excited about HD Radio products, please contact your local SANGEAN office for more information.